Used Bus Sales

Refurbished Cost Comparison

Always Replaced or Performed on Refurbished Used Bus Sales

Part or Procedure Price
Replace Water Pump $505.24
Replace Power Steering Pump $770.00
Replace Starter $533.50
Replace Dual Alternators $519.90
Replace Steering Stabilizer $124.00
Replace all Pulley Bearings $172.00
Replace Brake Calipers, Pads and Turn Rotors $1363.53
Repaint Bus $5,500.00
Change Oil, Filter and Grease Job $95.00
Change ATF and Filter (s) $149.95
Replace Fuel Filter (s) $65.32
Flush Radiator and Change Coolant $159.95
Total Costs $9,958.39

Normally Replaced or Performed on Refurbished Used Bus Sales

Part or Procedure Price
6 Tires Mounted and Balanced $840.00
4 Stainless Steel Wheel Covers $140.00
Front Bumper $375.00
Passenger Step structure, treads and step nose $420.00
Rebuild Shifter $267.00
Upper and Lower Ball Joints $647.50
Front Springs $577.00
Radius Arm Bushings $350.00
Anti Sway Bar Bushings $202.00
4 Shocks $446.00
Driver Running Board Step $536.00
Replace 2 Batteries $219.95
Replace Belt (s) $125.00
Marker Lights with guards $350.00
Total Costs $5,495.45


Used Bus Sales, Refurbished Cost Comparison

You might ask yourself, okay now that I know what true refurbished used bus sales are, what am I really saving? The refurbished buses seem to cost more than the regular used bus sales. How do I compare the costs of a used buses for sale with the costs of refurbished used bus sales?

For the following tables we used a Ford E450 chassis with a diesel. It is the most popular of all used shuttle bus chassis. Some parts may vary with other makes and models.

View the table to the left, first we have listed the parts and procedures that are automatically replaced and performed on our refurbished used buses. Next to each item or procedure we have listed the typical costs that a service center would charge for each procedure. See the total of the costs, this is what it would cost you to have the same work done if you were to buy a regular used bus for sale and have the same items repaired or replaced. More than likely, with a regular used bus, you will need to have this work done within the first year.

This work is done to every one of our refurbished used buses.

Used Bus Parts in Need of Replacement 95% of the Time

In the next table to the left we listed the parts that are replaced 95% of the time. This means that if you buy a refurbished used bus from us more than likely these parts have been replaced. If they have not been replaced it would be because they were almost new when we inspected them. These items are also most likely to be in need of repair or replacement on all used bus sales.


Now if you add the two totals together, the sum will be the costs of the normal refurbishment of one of our refurbished used buses for sale.

Normal Cost of our Used Bus Refurbishment: $15,453.84
This is the cost of the work that will need to be done to a regular used bus in order to bring it to the same condition as our Absolute refurbished buses.

Add the cost of a regular used bus with the costs of our refurbishment and you will see that our buses are a real bargain!

There are about 200 more items that we check that would also be repaired or replaced if they didn't pass our inspection, we did not even factor them in.

Take this list to another used bus dealer and ask if these items have been replaced. Then ask a bus service center if these items normally need to be replaced on used buses. We encourage you to do this, it only reinforces what we say.

Refurbished used buses for sale may be a little more expensive, but in the long run, the wiser choice. With refurbished Used bus sales there are fewer worries of unexpected repairs. Confidence and reliability will be a key factor with your bus riders.



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