used buses for sale

Used Buses for Sale


You think, why should I buy Refurbished Used Buses for Sale when I can buy a regular cleaned up used bus for several thousand dollars less for the same year, make and mileage? 

Used Buses for Sale, Cosmetics 

First of all, go and look at the used buses for sale in person. With digital cameras these days, you can make anything look good in a picture. You will notice right away that the regular used bus has a worn out look to it, obviously a used bus for sale. If the bus has not been painted you will see scratches and dents, faded paint and chips throughout the body. The bumpers are bent and dinged, wheel covers are scratched and dented. You will probably see the shadow of the last bus owners logo faded into the paint. These are the obvious things, now look at the passenger steps. Are they warped and popping up from rust under the treads? Is the rubber step nosing cracked and worn? Inside are the light lenses discolored and cracked? Are all the seats in good condition and function properly? Are the front floor mats worn and unappealing? Do the passenger doors operate like they should?

Several used bus dealers will take care of many of these cosmetic problems, but the real costly problems that can occur are not so obvious to the regular consumer.

Used Buses for Sale, Driver Controls

Sit in the drivers seat and take notice of all the controls of the used buses for sale. Are all the knobs in place and clearly marked? Turn the key one position and pull the shifter to the drive position. Does the shifter have a lot of "play" in it, torn boot, missing parts or a non-functional down shift light? Does the shift position indicator operate correctly? Do all the lights in and on the dash, as well as the rear control panel operate? Does the dome light operate? Lift up and down on the steering wheel, does it wobble or make a clicking sound?  Do the dash and rear fans work in all speeds? Does the indicator light come on when the parking brake is engaged? This is only a taste of what the driver controls are tested for, then repaired or replaced in a refurbished used bus for sale.

Used Buses for Sale, Motor Components

 Without refurbishment you will only be guessing about the condition of your used bus.

used buses for sale, interior
Used Buses for Sale, Interior

Used Buses for Sale

All used buses come with a larger and more expensive alternator, some have two. Some of the other engine components are the water pump, starter, power steering pump and pulley bearings. How much life is left in these parts, when will they fail and you need to replace them? It is hard to tell how long these particular parts will last, when you test them they either work or they don't. The only way to be sure of their condition is to replace them. In a true refurbished used bus they would be replaced every time.

Used Buses for Sale, Brake Parts

The condition of the used bus braking system is very important for obvious reasons. The brake calipers are the most likely component to fail and highly undetectable unless they are leaking. What they usually will do when they fail is to seize up and overheat, which can in some cases catch fire. Again, the only way to be sure of the condition is to replace them. Also, very important is to replace or turn the rotors and replace the brake pads when doing so. The brake lines should be checked for rust or other signs of weakness. In true refurbished used buses for sale this will be done automatically.

Used Buses for Sale, Air Conditioning Systems

One of the most essential warm weather components in your used bus. There is nothing like a bus full of hot passengers, something no one wants to be a part of! Though many mechanics work on auto air conditioning systems, most are not familiar with bus AC systems. Most all used shuttle buses now have two compressors and at least two condensers and evaporators. They will have as many as 14 condenser and evaporator fans. That's just to name a few principal parts. When replacing some of these parts it is essential to replace many of them at the same time. An inexperienced technician can miss diagnose a problem very easily and replace the wrong parts only to have the same problem arise on a hot day. A true refurbished used bus has had the air conditioning systems checked over and all parts replaced that need be by an experienced bus AC technician.

Used Buses for Sale, Chassis Parts

Okay, here is where most used bus dealers will overlook worn out parts on their used buses for sale. Most parts that need to be replaced are not immediately noticeable to the average person, but can cause lots of problems and expense down the road, not to mention safety. Some of the part conditions are undetectable even to a well seasoned mechanic unless tested on a lift, for instance, ball joints and king pins. Bus chassis parts wear out more frequently than most vehicles because of their heavy loads and specific use. Mainly due to speed bumps in pedestrian areas. On a Ford E450 chassis with over 100,000 miles for example, 90% of the time the upper and lower ball joints, steering stabilizer, front springs, pivot arm bushings, anti sway bar bushings, and shocks will need to be replaced. Of course after replacing these parts a front wheel alignment is a must.

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